Justice Joi's Story

Justice Joi was born on June 7, 2017 at Upmc Horizon in Farrell, Pennsylvania. Upon delivery, Justice Joi had to be transported to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UMPC; which is an hour and a half from our home in Youngstown, Ohio, due to being diagnosed with severe jaundice.Once cleared of jaundice; Justice Joi contracted an infection of the umbilical cord called Omphalitis, which prolonged our stay at the Children's Hospital for ten (10) additional days.


My husband, two older daughters, and I spent a duration of twenty-three (23) days at the Children's Hospital. I was mentally, physically; and most of all, financially drained. On the twenty-fouth day, my husband and two daughters had to return home withoutJustice Joi and I; and as mother and a wife, the seperation was one of the hardest decisions I'd ever had to make. In the midst of it all, I missed the birthday celebrations of my two oldest daughters and I cried every day I was away from my family.


Justice Joi and I being released from the Children's Hospital was bittersweet - We were blessed to be finally going home to our family, but I felt sad that other families would not be so privileged. I knew the feeling of being seperated from my family and watching my precious baby girl, Justice Joi, going through the daily procedures of the NICU and my passion increased to become a blessing to the other families going through similar situations in the NICU and away from their homes.

Our purpose is to help families find joy in their journey  as they endure life in the NICU with professionalism, compassion and with great integrity.


About Our Founder

“Who knew adding a precious little one to our family would change my life forever and help me find my true purpose in life, helping others find Joi in their journey

 Janiene Taylor


From an early age, Janiene Taylor, Founder of Justice4Joi, has understood the importance of FAITH over FEAR. After losing her mother as a young girl, Janiene was forced to navigate the world while facing obstacles and pain no child should have to endure. Despite the many ups and downs, she channeled and developed her inner strength, leading her to launch a successful career and family life. She opened her own beauty salon, specializing in natural healthy hair, became a mother to three beautiful girls – Jayce, Joelle and Justice and even began fostering youth in Youngstown, Ohio

Despite this early success, it was the birth of her third daughter Justice that brought Janiene to her true purpose in life. Justice Joi was born on June 7, 2017 with severe jaundice. After being transported to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh (UPMC) for treatment, Justice contracted an infection of the umbilical cord called omphalitis, which prolonged her stay in the NICU by a month.


With Justice in the NICU in Pittsburgh, and two small daughters at home in Youngstown, Janiene found herself mentally, physically, and financially drained. This became one of the hardest seasons in her life, as she cried daily for herself and her family. That said, Janiene was reminded of the power of her FAITH in God over the FEARS of her situation, and this faith sustained her during the lonely days and nights.


When Justice Joi was finally released, Janiene was overjoyed for her family, but remained heartbroken and empathetic for the families who remained in the NICU. This empathy, in addition to her many lessons in faith along her journey, inspired her to start Justice4Joi, a 501©3 nonprofit that provides necessities to NICU facilities, infants and their families. The ultimate goal is to help bring about a sense of home to those families while they remain in the hospital.


Janiene strives to be a source of faith, hope and support for those in her community, especially her Justice4Joi family. She remains dedicated to easing the burden for those mothers and families who find themselves worn down by the realities of NICU life. When she embarked on her journey years ago, Janiene could not have predicted how she would be led to her purpose, but she remains humbled and grateful for the opportunity to help those in need.

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