All proceeds provided to Justice4Joi benefit the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and Akron Children's Hospital.  Additional fundraising proceeds will go towards developing future services for children of Mahoning County.

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Justic Joi's Story

Justice Joi was born on June 7, 2017 at Upmc Horizon in Farrell, Pennsylvania. Upon delivery, Justice Joi had to be transported to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UMPC; which is an hour and a half from our home in Youngstown, Ohio, due to being diagnosed with severe jaundice.Once cleared of jaundice; Justice Joi contracted an infection of the umbilical cord called Omphalitis, which prolonged our stay at the Children's Hospital for ten (10) additional days.


My husband, two older daughters, and I spent a duration of twenty-three (23) days at the Children's Hospital. I was mentally, physically; and most of all, financially drained. On the twenty-fouth day, my husband and two daughters had to return home withoutJustice Joi and I; and as mother and a wife, the seperation was one of the hardest decisions I'd ever had to make. In the midst of it all, I missed the birthday celebrations of my two oldest daughters and I cried every day I was away from my family.


Justice Joi and I being released from the Children's Hospital was bittersweet - We were blessed to be finally going home to our family, but I felt sad that other families would not be so privileged. I knew the feeling of being seperated from my family and watching my precious baby girl, Justice Joi, going through the daily procedures of the NICU and my passion increased to become a blessing to the other families going through similar situations in the NICU and away from their homes.


The Justice4Joi NICU Love & Support Organization is currently in the development stages and I would appreciate your support and generous donations to see this initative for NICU families thrive!

Our purpose is to help families find joy in their journey  as they endure life in the NICU with professionalism, compassion and with great integrity.

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