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Welcome to Justic4Joi!

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

We are so happy you stopped by. On our site you will learn about all of the resources that are available to you throughout your journey such as:

Peer Support:  Here you will find materials that will help you start a peer support organization as well as connect you within our organization.

Family-Centered Developmental Care:  Find information about how you can become more involved in your baby’s NICU team and how you can best support your baby’s brain development through your interactions with baby.

Mental Health Professionals in the NICU:  Roles of psychologists and social workers will be explained, as well as information that will help you best utilize their services.

Palliative Care:  You will find resources on birth plans for parents expecting babies who may be born with life-limiting conditions.

Post-Discharge Support:  Getting ready to take baby home?  Find out more about what resources are available to you after you leave the NICU.

Staff Education and Support:  Find out what YOU can do to support your NICU staff!

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